Costa Crociere

Costa Crociere

Costa Crociere

Art Direction | Digital Design

Art Direction | Digital


Find your Cruise

A new way to discover the Costa offer.

Concept Project

The brand needed to communicate its offer even to users who did not know the cruise product. Find your cruise is a digital space where the user can immerse himself in the discovery of the product through a video story, an interactive map with itineraries and an integrated chatbot.

A video to tell


A Map to explore


An assistant to help

Concept video for the launch of the project.

Mobile APP

The cruise companion.

Costa Mobile App is a cruise companion that helps you to manage easily your holiday, finding the right solution for a pleasant journey, 

Costa APP - Project

Client: Costa Crociere
Agency: Triplesense Reply, Open Reply, Active Reply

UX and Research: Jacopo Moretto, Valentina Genovese.
Copywriter: Chiara Fissore, Gabriele Di Donato
UI Design: Martina Gay
Motion Design: Giulia Giordano

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